7. Acknowledgements

The S2-06 ISS Group B have taken efforts in this project as a group. However, it would not have been successful without the constant support and help of many individuals. We would like to extend our sincerest gratitude to all of these supporters..
We are highly indebted to our teacher, Mr Teng, and the lab supervisors and technicians. A crucial advisor to our group on the project, Mr Tan has been a trusted person capable of answering our doubts or questions regarding the project. We would like to express our very great appreciation to the school for supporting us in our project by supplying us the resources and equipment needed. On top of that, we are thankful to the school for offering us this rare opportunity to work on this kind of science-related project work.
Finally, our thanks and appreciations also go to the students of class S2-06 for their help in sharing important information pertaining to the task given.

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