5. Conclusion

5.1 Summary of findings:
With all the information gathered, we conclude that long exposure to UV light can cause negative, and possibly fatal, effects to one’s skin and health. But, there is also short window of exposure time that may enhance growth in organisms, though maybe only plants. Although there is a certain amount of exposure time that can increase growth, it is a very small window and there are high chances of the organism dying or being affected negatively due to over-exposure to UV Light.

5.2 Practical application:
Based on what we have discussed and concluded, we have several ways on how we can use this information to improve society effectively and efficiently. With our data, we could convince more people to avoid being exposed too much to the sun as it contains UV rays of light. If fewer people were exposed to UV light for a long amount of time, there would be less chance for cases of skin cancer. We should, therefore, try to avoid being exposed to UV light by spending less amount of time in direct sunlight.

5.3 Areas for further study:
We could further study our inference that UV light may actually enhance growth in living organisms. While we were doing our investigation, we were completely focused on the negative effects of UV light on plants, it has never come to our minds that UV light may actually increase growth in plants. We, therefore, could conduct further experimentation and studies on the positive effects of UV light on plants.

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