4. Discussion

Our young green bean plant seedlings

Our green bean plants on week 5
Back-up green bean plants
Green bean plants transfer to a bigger container with sand

Withered green bean plants on week 6

With this information, we were able to deduce that when plants are exposed to UV light for a long amount of time, they seem to grow better. The plants that have been exposed to UVB Light for the most amount of time (3hr) have seen to grow taller than the other plants which have been exposed to UV Light for a lesser amount of time. We have decided that exposing plants to UV Light for a certain amount of time will actually increase its growth, instead of hindering its growth or even killing the plant completely. Although, it is also still possible that the plants may die due to overexposure to UV Light, therefore exposing plants to UV Light to increase may not be a very effective idea.

Our hypothesis was that the longer the plant is exposed to UV light, the shorter the height of the plant will be. As the plants that have been exposed the longest have grown to be one of the tallest plants, it has proven our hypothesis to be wrong. What has happened was that there is a certain length of exposure to UV Light that will increase plant growth, which means that the plant least exposed to UV Light may not be the tallest plant if after grown in an equal environment for an equal amount of time.

Some areas that we could improve in are gathering more data, rather than just the height. We could also focus on finding the number of leaves on each plant.

In conclusion, with this set of data, we have decided that exposure to UV Light is generally bad for your health, but there is a certain amount of exposure that is safe and that would even promote growth. But it is still not recommended to expose yourself to UV Light for long periods of time.

We have made many mistakes, some of the mistakes,
  • Not testing the experiment on time
  • Not getting the equipment earlier
  • Not watering the plants
  • Arguing over which idea was better for one whole week
  • Unable to decide stuff, (e.g. what plant to test, how long to test, when and where to test)


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